3 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Bed Sheets Regularly

Bed Sheets

Is there anything better than falling asleep in fresh sheets? But how often should you be changing out your duvet and pillow covers? For some of us, bi-weekly is a must, whereas others feel like monthly, or sometimes even more than that is a perfect balance. In this article, we will be discussing the three things that can happen when you don’t change your bed sheets on a regular basis. 

1. Bacteria and Maybe Even Dust Mites

As we sleep, we move around, sweat, and sometimes even dribble (yes, we all do it!) During this recommended eight-hour stint, all our germs are transferred over to our sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Not to mention, some of us eat in bed, watch TV and some of us work-from-homer’s even work in bed (we see you!) 

The longer we wait behind switching those nasty covers out, the more time it gives for bacteria to grow. As well as unwelcome bacteria, you could also be inviting in dust mites. These microscopic insects love to set up camp in our sheets, our mattresses, and any other throws we may have on the best. Not to be too graphic – but they love to eat the skin flakes we shed every day! Get read of those pesky bugs by switching out your duvet cover more frequently. 

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2. Do You Have Skin Or Hair Problems?

Another good reason to swap out your duvet cover and sheets is down to skin and hair problems. If you find yourself developing more spots or acne, this could be because you are putting your face down on an unwashed pillowcase every night. 

For those of us that suffer from knotty hair in the morning, or regular breakouts, then there are a few quick-fix solutions that you can try. Firstly, swap out your normal pillowcase for a silk one. Silk is a lot more breathable, which means that the bacteria won’t build up as fast. Also, you can change your pillowcases out more often. Try changing your cases every week to see if that makes a difference!

3. General Health Concerns 

As well as messy hair and a slightly less blemish-free face, being in contact with an awful amount of bacteria on the regular can cause you major health concerns in the future. There is a possibility of you developing athletes’ feet, asthma, or generally, just not feeling that great! 

Not to mention, if you regularly suffer from allergies, such as hay fever, or are sensitive to dust, then sleeping on dirty bed sheets could aggravate your symptoms further. To avoid the quick build of bacteria, you could invest in quality sheets and covers. Higher-quality items are typically made with better, more breathable fabrics, which gives the bacteria less chance to grow and affect your health.

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