Cricket Betting Markets And Odds

Betting in cricket is perhaps as old as the game itself. Before you nosedive into betting you have to familiarize yourself with the various betting markets. Betacular live is the best among all the online cricket betting sites.

A brief about cricket betting markets: These are nothing but the variety of bets that are offered by bookmakers for each match. The bookmakers study the various betting options the punters like to bet on and accordingly they develop the betting markets. And you must read the betting markets before you bet because you make money through betting. Every betting market comes with different odds. And you ought to know about them to satiate your thirst for betting. It improves your overall knowledge of the game. It is a boon and a bane that there are so many online cricket betting sites. 

The ten most popular cricket betting markets: 

  • Match winner:you win if your choice of teamwins the match. There are many online cricket betting sites in India, and some have no licenses and are not regulated. So be cautious.
  • Toss winner:The toss winner suggests the winner of a toss. This may be crucial in deciding the outcome of a match. There are many online cricket betting sites in India that the player will be spoilt for choice.
  • Series winner:This suggests the outright winner of a series of the tournament. This involves a thorough knowledge of the game is it IPL or World Cup. If you want to play on a cricket betting website then do so on Betacular live.
  • Top Batsman: This involves guessing the best batsman in a match. He should have scored the highest runs in the match. There are many online cricket betting sites in India mushrooming everywhere so do your homework first.
  • To score a ton:This betting involves betting on a batsman to score a century. If you want to make some quick money on IPL cricket betting sites then play wisely and responsibly.
  • Top wicket-taker:This involves betting on a bowler who takes the maximum number of wickets in a match.There are many best cricket betting sites so there is no dearth of choices.
  • First wicket:this involves guessing how the first wicket in a match will fall. It can be run out, LBW, stumping, or catch.
  • Man of the match:This betting involves predicting the best player from the winning side. He could be a bowler or batsman. It does not matter. And if there is a tie then the best among the participating teams will get this coveted award. Among all the IPL cricket betting sites Betacular live is arguably the best.
  • Total Match boundaries:This form of betting involves predicting the highest number of boundaries that a team scores in a match. It might be an ODI, Test match, IPL, or T20I. There are many IPL cricket betting sites these days and some are blacklisted so do some research before you wager.
  • Draw no bet:here one gets to guess who will win the match. However, if there is a draw then your money is refunded. I am sure you will agree with me after you have researched that Betacular is the best online IPL betting site.

Betting in Test Matches: 

  • First innings lead:In this betthe punter will wage on the team who will take the lead after the 1st innings. After both teams have finished the first innings then the bet will close.
  • Opening partnership: Inthis bet, the punter will be given a choice of opening pairs who might score the highest partnership. You have to make a selection among them. It is being reiterated that among all the best online IPL betting sites Betacular wins hands down.

Betting in ODIs:

  • Most sixes: in this bet, the punter should select a player who will score the maximum sixes in a match.
  • Score over a certain number of runs:In this form of betting the punter must predict the overall score of a team and if it exceeds or does not exceed the limit set by the bookmaker.

Betting in T20 matches:

  • To score a fifty: This market involves guessing the player who will score at least 50 runs.
  • Team to score at least x runs:This is similar to the ODIs wherein a punter gets to guess if the overall score of a team is above x runs or not. This x corresponds to the limit set by the bookmaker.
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