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women's jeans

If you are buying a pair of jeans, it may end up being a little heady. The thing about denim, and jeans in particular, is that they certainly do not follow the ‘one size fits’ rule. Buying jeans is personal, because it all depends on your specific standards

In this sense, it is about body shape and dimensions rather than about size. And this is one thing that most women forget, or just do not know when to buy a pair of jeans. Be honest, you know exactly what your body shape is, and not just your size?

For example, do you know how to get jean to fit your body type, or the height or height you want?

The first piece of advice we can give you when it comes to buying the last pair of jeans is to decorate yourself with your measurements. Sure, you can just pull the gene from the wrist, pull it out and trust the best, but if you have a better idea of ​​your exact size, you stand with a better chance of buying the perfect gene.

Take your measurements

You can take your measurements in two different ways. Your favorite jean sizes are the size of your waist, and your inseam size. But it is a good idea to measure the height you want (this is the length of the jeans, from the fabric to the waist).

If you have the perfect pair of best jeans for women at home, the pair you always pull on the one that seems to fit like a second skin, so this is great! If not, just follow the same steps and measure yourself, rather than clothing.

How to measure jeans

1) measurement up: start by hanging a pair of jeans with a clothing hanger, and then take a flexible tape measure and measure from waist belt to crotch seam. This gives you a measure of climbing, and as you measure your favorite gene – you can be sure that this is the type of lift you need.

2) measurement of inseam: the next step is to measure the length of the inseam, so take a tape measure, and measure it from the bottom from the crotch seam to the edge inside the leg. By using this method, you are actually taking your existing jean as a working template while looking for a new pair that fits perfectly.

3) measure your waist: to measure your waist, place a flexible tape measuring a few inches below your belly, or at the largest part around your midriff. Measure all the way around a perfect circle, imagining that this is where the waistline of your jeans will be when you wear them. This gives you the first measurement to work with when buying a pair of suitable genetic material.

  1. Now that you have been equipped with your own measurements, it is time to start buying the perfect pair. But with so many different shapes, styles and styles, this in itself can be a mine site. Take a look at the different styles of jean now, so you can start educating yourself about which size will suit you best, and which fits your body shape.

Triangle jeans or ‘pear’ shapes

If you are in a pear shape, this means you are low-weight, so your waist is usually wider than your shoulders. For this reason, try choosing flare jeans women in dark denim with big cuffs on the back – which will help make your boots look slimmer.

Mid-rise straight-leg jeans: these are a perfect pair of heels, because the mid-rise creates a well-defined waistline, while the straight leg hugs the silhouette, which may not be as big. This creates a visual line under the body shape, rubbing down the hips without adding any volume around the hip and thigh.

Some final tips for finding the perfect jeans

Although there are some tips to buy jeans depending on your body shape (as described above) – what style you go for will eventually reach you. Do not let the ‘rules’ of fashion dictate your style. There’s no reason why the ‘apple’ shape can’t shake a pair of skin, if that’s what you want to do!

Just remember, when buying jeans (especially online) it is wise to always have hand-held measurements. And if you still have doubts – sort out the two sizes and determine which one suits you best. Just use the tips above as a rough guide to which jean styles will fit your body shape, and feel free to ignore these complete rules altogether if this is what you want to do. Your style is up to you!

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