Here is What You Should Consider Before Hiring Pool Builders in Atlanta

Pool Builders

Have you decided to install a pool in your backyard? For your project, be sure to pick the best pool builders!

Pools are a significant investment that takes a lot of skill to design and install properly, whether in family backyards or Olympic-sized recreational areas. When installing a pool, you must ensure that the pool builders you hire are qualified, reliable, and well-regarded. You need somebody who will complete the job without going out of business! Are you worried about selecting the best pool builder in Atlanta? Here are some red flags that indicate you’re dealing with an inexperienced or incompetent pool builder.

How to Choose The Best Pool Builders in Atlanta?

This question is necessary because your project’s success will be greatly influenced by the knowledge and experience of your pool builder. This checklist will assist you in determining the many factors to consider when choosing your pool builder, despite where you reside or whether you are opting for a cement, vinyl liner, or fiberglass pool.

So let’s get started right away!

Hefty Down Payment – Major Red Flag

The builder shouldn’t demand a deposit of more than 10% before construction begins. While some respected businesses may want up to 20%, the average is closer to 10%. The request for a considerably larger initial payment reflects a failing company and poor cash flow. High down payments could be a sign that the builder lacks the cash on hand necessary to pay staff members and suppliers.

Large Front Draws

You should pay pool builders an amount suitable to the project’s timeline while the pool is being built. You should anticipate the swimming pool to be halfway finished when you’ve paid half of the pool’s cost. Picture a pool builder who requests 40% of the total cost when they dig and another 40% when the concrete is poured. Given that they have only completed a small portion of the work (less than 80%), you would be required to pay 80% of the price. You lose a substantial sum of money if this company fails before finishing.

Small Final Draw

Another red flag is too little payment when the project is finished. The completion of the project should be financially rewarded for pool contractors. That keeps them motivated.  A final payment of 2–5% ensures they won’t suffer much if they never complete the project due to a conflict with you or another obstacle. Hire pool companies that consent to a final draw of at least 10%. 

Quick Contract

Be careful if the pool builder asks you to sign a contract at your initial visit. However,  It does not necessarily mean that a pool builder is a risky option. You should be on the lookout for this, though, as you do not want to hire a builder who puts extra pressure on you.

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Questionable and Unreliable Behavior

Everyone occasionally has personal emergencies or is late for work. However, it’s unprofessional if a builder consistently fails to arrive on time for appointments or fails to return sales calls without providing prior notice. A pool requires weeks or months to build, so pick a reputable business you can cooperate with for that time.

Fresh Off the Block

Being a new pool builder is not necessarily bad because every business must start sometime. However, many pool businesses fail in their first few years of operation. If you want to lower your financial risk, think about selecting a business that has been working for at least five years. But if the primary problem is that they’re new, don’t toss them off right away. Remember that there is a distinction between running a business for ten years and RUNNING THE BUSINESS for ten years. Many failed builders reappear with a new name and boast that they’ve been in business longer.

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Looking for a Reputed Pool Builder in Atlanta?

Hopefully, the abovementioned warnings will help you pick the most suitable option for your design. Do you live in Atlanta and have decided to install a pool? Fortunately, you are surrounded by Sandal Luxury Pools. They have experienced staff that will finish the job on time and provides you with the same design you have in mind!


What pool installation is the most affordable option?

Cheapest inground swimming pools – Vinyl Pools

Vinyl-lined pools often have the lowest upfront costs. Installing a vinyl liner pool typically costs between $35,000 and $65,000. Owners can alter the shape and style of this pool.

Which pool shape is most affordable?

Budget-conscious people may find that kidney shapes are a wise choice. The curved shape provides a larger swimming area in terms of square footage and costs less.

Which pool is preferable, a circular or rectangular one?

Since it allows you to swim in a straight path, a long, rectangular pool is generally the best choice for lap swimming. A circular pool would be ideal for relaxing in and taking leisurely swims. These swimming areas are often smaller and lack a straight course for lap swimming.

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