How To Become A Copywriter?

Get a professional education

Although graduation is not required to become a copywriter, when looking for a job in this profession, you will surely come across job offers and employers who pay attention to specific education that prepares you to work with content. Most of these companies require applicants to have a certificate of graduation in philology or humanities, e.g. editing, philology, language studies or journalism. However, if you have a technical or non-writing degree behind you, you can consider major or even postgraduate courses or paraphrase tool usage that will give you the theoretical knowledge you need in creating high-quality content and writing texts.

Build a portfolio

Portfolio is one of the first elements that a recruiter or a potential client can pay attention to. A good portfolio of a copywriter should be diverse and present his skills on many levels of content – from short texts, such as advertising texts, to longer forms, such as e-books or content for online courses. If you do not have assignments as a copywriter on your account and need text samples for your portfolio, you can gain experience by offering your services to charities or by writing texts for the university newsletter or school newspaper.

Decide what content you want to specialize in

The beginning of your journey as a copywriter may abound in a variety of orders, thanks to which you will test your general knowledge and the ability to work with text in various conditions. Use this time to experiment and learn about the industry. Thanks to this, you will gain valuable experience that will make it easier for you to choose a specialization as a copywriter in the future, and thus guarantee work on better paid projects.

Find orders and customers

A popular way to get jobs as a copywriter is to join freelance websites. You can use them to apply for a job and send offers and quotes to interested clients. If you decide to take this step, be sure to complete your profile and include in it detailed information about your experience and offered. Pay attention to the commission charged by a given website – as a rule, it accounts for 5-20% of the revenue for a given order. Copywriters who do not want to search for jobs through portals and freelance websites often decide to create their own website. It is important to include samples of your texts, information about yourself, and a price list. In the rate tab, you can enter several pricing variants, e.g. price per sign, word or your hourly rate.

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Build a strong personal brand

Once you have successfully completed projects to add splendor to your portfolio, you may consider building a personal brand as a copywriter. With a personal brand, you can share your content creation knowledge with others, for example in the form of blog posts or videos, which will help you strengthen your position as an industry expert. Thanks to the position of a specialist, it is easier to build trust of customers – this step can therefore help in obtaining more interesting and better-paid orders.

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