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Virtual Team

If you’re looking for ways to build team unity, you may want to consider some virtual team building activities. Several organizations in the UK offer them, and they’re a great way to help people feel connected with their co-workers and leaders.

Tiny Campfire

Organizing virtual team building activities uk is a great way to help remote employees get to know each other better and boost their spirits. These fun activities can make a team feel closer, and may even add some much needed meaning to a sometimes mundane workday.

The best virtual team building activities are not just about getting the team talking. They are also about learning about your team’s unique personality traits. This can be done through personality tests, like the Myers-Briggs test. If you are feeling particularly generous, you can also host a digital gratitude event or a fundraiser.

Other snazzy team building activities include a virtual dinner party and dance party. You can use a website like Jambar for these. And with an app like Zoom, you can even read aloud the answers to the polling feature.

The best thing about these types of activities is that you can do them without worrying about bugs, animals or traveling to a faraway location. In other words, it’s easier to plan a virtual campout than to pack up the kids and hit the road for a weekend trip.


Scavify is a virtual team building activity that is designed to foster camaraderie, teamwork, and cohesiveness. Its purpose is to promote trust and camaraderie among remote workers, helping them to feel more connected and autonomous.

The Scavify app allows remote teams to interact, participate in hands-on activities, and engage in a virtual scavenger hunt. This app has been used by Google, Cisco, eBay, and Exxon Mobil.

Remote work can be lonely. When team members lack emotional connections, they often feel undervalued, resulting in a low level of productivity. However, virtual team activities can help to combat this feeling and increase the level of engagement.

The first step is to create a game plan. One way to do this is by splitting the group into sub-teams. Each sub-team is given a list of topics and a time limit. To keep the activities from becoming boring, make sure the topics are interesting and relevant to the members.

Another way to get to know your team members is by conducting an escape room game. This is one of the best team building activities, as it helps to increase mood and improve work performance.

Escape Game Remote Adventures

The Escape Game Remote Adventures is an online virtual challenge that allows teams to collaborate and solve puzzles. It offers a variety of themes including Prison Break, Gold Rush and more. Teams are split into secret agent teams and must work together to complete the mystery.

The game can accommodate groups of up to eight players, and includes a digital dashboard that keeps track of clues. Teams can play remotely, with a live game master to guide them through the process. There are two scenarios to choose from, which involve solving puzzles and gathering evidence.

Another team building activity is Roobicks, which is a live Zoom-based game that requires participants to work with their team to complete a series of riddles. This one-hour game is ideal for those who don’t want to travel, and it aims to promote healthy competition.

For those who love the Harry Potter franchise, the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room is a fun way to experience the wizarding school. Designed for large groups, it can be played using video conferencing tools, and it can also be used for smaller groups.

Daily Snapshot

If your team is remote, it is important to find ways to create a supportive environment that promotes productivity. Loneliness and isolation can lead to poor performance and mental health. Virtual team building activities can help your remote team build trust and improve communication.

The first step to creating a supportive team is to establish a team culture. This will help members feel valued and appreciated. It will also improve internal and external communications.

Wrapping It Up

One way to do this is to create a daily snapshot of your team’s lives. You can either take a photo or use a group messenger to post an image every day. Sharing these snapshots is a great way to break the ice and make connections.

Another fun activity is to set a dress code for your team. Members are then free to change their outfits for the day, and vote on which ones they like the most. These games can be especially helpful on non-working days.

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