We create our own music

We create our own music

Can the average music lover create their own songs in a home studio? Yes! And this is not such a complicated process as it might seem at first glance. About what is needed for this, they talk on EKmixmaster. With the help of their advice, you can do this job, as they say, from scratch. First of all, you need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It’s like a virtual recording studio. The possibilities of this software are almost limitless. That is why you will need time to understand all its functions. But you will have at hand almost all musical instruments – virtual, of course. Plus, you don’t even need to know how to play them. Just write down the melody that comes to mind using the program. And that’s it.

When we figured out the technical side of the issue, it’s time to move directly to creativity. Where does every song start? Of course, with an idea. Perhaps you wanted to talk about some event from your life. Or maybe you were impressed by someone’s action and you want to share your emotions with others. Feel free to describe everything that struck you. However, it may also be that writing texts is not your strongest side. Then you can take the verses that interest you in some way and come up with a melody for it.

However, you can start the production of the song from the other end. For example, you have a melody in your head, you sang it and wrote it down. And only then do you start writing words to this melody. This course of action is also quite acceptable.

But here you have the words and the melody. What is missing? Lack of sound design or arrangement. That is, the melody itself sounds too simple, it needs to be “colored” with parts of various musical instruments, sound effects and various “chips” should be added. For such work, there are sound generators, synthesizers, samplers and other “assistants” of the songwriter.

When the creative process is almost complete, it’s time to mix. That is, bringing the track into a “marketable” form. If you intend to do this yourself, you will need special knowledge and skills. Or at least their basics. However, ekmixmaster.com would advise you to contact the professionals. Especially if you want your creation to meet the basic standards of the music industry. Mixing and mastering a song is the final stage, after which the track is ready to be heard by your numerous listeners.

This is how the main stages of creating a song look like. You may be wondering, how long will all this work take? It’s hard to say for sure. It all depends on your level of preparation. Do you have any musical education, how freely can you use the equipment, how often do you get inspiration, with the help of which ideas are born.

Each stage of work takes time. Some more, some less. Some spend two or three months on each of them. Others manage to create a song in just a couple of weeks. However, there is a rule that applies to all authors without exception. Do not perceive your creativity as hard work. Try to work easily, enjoying the process.

And most importantly – do not despair if something did not work the first time. Skill comes with experience, this has long been known. Consult knowledgeable people, look for answers to your questions on music forums, learn from other musicians. Continuing to create, hone your skills, replenish your knowledge base, and the result will surely please you.



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