What should be the weight of a boxing glove?

boxing glove

here is a lot of discussion about the weight of boxing gloves. Some say a heavier glove will improve your power, some say it will slow you down. Boxing gloves can weigh anywhere from 4 oz to 12 oz. The heavier the custom boxing glove, the harder it is to move your hands, but the more protection you’ll have from other fighters. A lighter glove will allow for faster hand speed and a better sense of touch in punching but lacks the cushioning to protect your hands, as well as a heavier glove, would.

Impact of heavy boxing gloves 

Most boxing experts will agree that a slightly heavier pair of gloves is better than a lighter pair. The reason for this is because the padding protects people from being hurt by their opponents while sparring, or in a competition. 

Hand wraps add to the layer of protection around your knuckles. They give extra weight, which makes it harder for an opponent to connect with or even see your fingers. This can be useful in fights against high-power punches.

So its better to practice with heavy boxing gloves or if you are using light weight gloves then hand wraps are a must. Usually, the boxers use 12 oz boxing gloves. 

Size of a boxing glove for me 

You may have heard of “ten-ounce gloves,” but you may not know that boxing gloves come in 10 sizes. The size you need depends on your hand size. It does not depends upon your height or weight.

For children, the standard size for custom boxing gloves is 120-140 cm. For adults, the large size 140-150 cm is used to fit hands with larger hands who use heavy glove wraps. So everyone should choose according to their size of hand.

Gloves should be purchased in accordance with the size of your hands: If you have big hands, buy bigger gloves; if you have small hands, look for smaller gloves. There are also one-size-fits-all gloves that can fit around your fingers, which is the most important part of having boxing gloves fit right.

Importance of Weight of Boxing Gloves 

Boxing gloves come in a range of styles, each designed to protect you while allowing you to perform different types of moves. Weighted boxing gloves are often used by beginners because they allow you to build up muscle and skill before using lighter, less protective gloves.

Lightweight hand wraps are typically around the wrists and go up into the forearms for added support. These hand wraps provide a lower risk of injury due to added protection, which makes them ideal for beginners or those with low-risk training needs.

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It matters because the weight of your boxing gloves will be different depending on the division in which you are competing. For example, a new boxer in an amateur competition will usually get 12-ounce gloves. A professional may want 10-ounce gloves, whereas a former amateur may opt for lighter 8 or 6-ounce sparring gloves.

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Let’s head down towards the advantages of boxing gloves before our closing notes. 

Advantages of using Heavy Weight Boxing Gloves

Following are the advantages of using heavyweight boxing gloves during your training.

  • They provide more protection against injury. 
  • It minimizes the chance of injury from a jab or other quick-strike because the puncher’s hand is more securely supported.
  • Boxing gloves with more weight allow you to knock out an opponent with more power. A heavier-weight boxing glove means more momentum behind your punch, which leads to improved stopping power and greater absorption of shock when making contact with an opponent.

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However, it depends on the individual. For some people, light gloves are too much of a strain because they are not strong enough to use weights heavy enough to make them challenging. For others, it’s a great way to work on accuracy without the challenge of weighting them down with something heavier.

Boxing gloves are designed to protect your hands while you punch a heavy bag or another person. If you’re just starting out and know little about self-defense, start with lighter gloves that will allow you to punch correctly against the bag but also have protection for your hands.

It’s generally recommended that boxers use heavier gloves when punching more forcefully or when their punches are inaccurate.

Heavyweight custom boxing gloves definitely have their place in the world. When you’re sparring with someone in an amateur or professional capacity, it’s great to have added protection around your knuckles and fingers, because these are areas of your hands that can be particularly susceptible to injury when missing someone with a jab or hook punch.


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