Where to Settle in Berlin

Settle in Berlin

12 official districts make up the city of Berlin. New construction and standardised services have dissolved the city’s split after the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989. On both sides of the old boundary, you can discover exciting and lovely areas to live in today. Prenzlauer Berg is a neighbourhood close to the city’s core. Rents are rising in this quaint and character-filled neighbourhood, which was once the home of artists and student squats.

Due to the abundance of parks and the fact that a majority of the streets are extremely walkable, the central neighbourhoods are also popular with families. At Mitte, three international schools are situated next to government structures. Expat families are dispersed more here than in some places because there are so many schools with an international focus and student body. One example is Charlottenburg, a lovely, leafy area in the west, which has served as a home-away-from-home for British expats since World War II.

Because of all the new construction, a neighbourhood’s personality might vary from street to street and year to year. While some families have lived in the same flat for more than 50 years, students and artists frequently move on to the next big thing since they tend to be much more mobile. In this diverse and developing city, you’re likely to discover a place that fits your style and situation. The real estate market becomes less chaotic and more accessible as you move outside of the city core. Travelling from 20 to 50 kilometres away is very feasible due to effective public transportation systems and a big urban area’s comparatively low traffic density. Keep in mind that because most suburbs were once part of East Germany, the condition of housing can occasionally be subpar, especially for affordable housing constructed between 1950 and 1990.


The German government’s headquarters are located in this district, which is in the heart of Berlin and home to several important embassies and some of the city’s most recognisable buildings. Families and young professionals alike will appreciate having a centrally placed property because of the presence of the Berlin Metropolitan School, Berlin Cosmopolitan School, and Berlin Kids International School. Also, it is a vibrant area with upscale cafes, pedestrian-friendly shopping areas, and art galleries.

About Mitte

Berlin’s geographic centre serves as Mitte’s location.

Bus, train, and metro services are widely available for commuting. Cycling is an option. Nonetheless, driving is not advised.

Parking is scarce and frequently pricey. Parking won’t be available at many residences or offices. Traffic is often heavy.

Within a couple of kilometres, you may find restaurants, theatres, music venues, and much more in Berlin. A sizable city park called the Tiergarten is a lovely setting for gathering or exercise as well as the home of numerous events.

Alexanderplatz is a sizable shopping mall with a variety of stores. Smaller supermarkets and specialty shops are the best places to buy food, though.

Apartments dominate this congested urban district, many of them are constructed out of historic townhouses and lack elevators.


The students and artists who once predominated this area are emigrating further outside, mostly to be replaced by young, urban professionals, as housing quality and rents rise. From antique and flea markets to museums to hip bars and clubs, Pankow has something for everyone. Additionally, the Isaac Newton International School is also located here.

About Pankow

Pankow extends from Prenzlauer Berg, close to Mitte, to the northeastern city borders of Berlin.

Transportation choices include the metro, buses, and trains. Cycling is well-liked. Driving is doable but challenging.

Car parking is simpler further out from Mitte. Workers are directed to the city centre via major roadways, although traffic is frequently backed up.

From outdoor pursuits in the Naturpark Barnim to the north to nightclubs and bars closer to Berlin Mitte, there is something for recreation for everyone kiin Pankow.

A variety of functional businesses, tiny supermarkets, and unique, independent enterprises are available for shopping in Pankow.

The neighbourhood consists of mostly the working-class with numerous buildings undergoing renovation and growing property values.


A single district was created by combining these two neighbourhoods. Artistic Friedrichshain, which was formerly a part of East Berlin, is now united with Kreuzberg, a working-class neighbourhood in West Berlin, and

both are undergoing renovation. Although much of the existing housing stock is in disrepair, it is being gradually purchased and rebuilt. While being in change, the neighbourhood still has an independent, creative air.

About Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is located to the south and east of Berlin Mitte.

Options for getting around town include buses, the metro, cycling, and some railroads. Driving is usually challenging.

Parking is pricey and scarce. Few buildings have designated parking.

The bohemian vibe is enhanced by oddball cafes, art galleries, such as the Berlin Wall art park Mauerpark, and music venues. In an otherwise fairly metropolitan neighbourhood, Spreewaldplatz offers a glimpse of the outdoors.

Shopping can be done at low-priced chains and tiny, independent stores.

There is a lot of construction going on in the neighbourhood, and there are a lot of international communities living in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

Berlin offers a wide assortment of accommodations, including hotels and rental apartments, at a variety of pricing points and atmospheres. Massive urban regeneration initiatives have resulted in the construction of gigantic

buildings and the gentrification of public spaces, permanently changing ancient neighbourhoods into sought-after spots to reside in Berlin. As the majority of Berliners (85%) rent their homes, there is always a supply of apartments and homes available for rent in Berlin.

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