Beware of Deceitful Tactics when Adopting a Child in Georgia


People have several reasons for adopting a child in Georgia, including infertility, wanting to expand their family, or even giving a child the love and care they deserve. But this dream is often shattered by fraud on the part of the birth parents and sometimes by the so-called lawyers. The potential candidates need to know the deceitful tactics that will stop the adoption process.

Deceitful Tactics Used During Adopting a Child in Georgia

The people who commit fraud and use deceitful tactics have no regard or feeling of care or trustworthiness towards the adoptive parents. These individuals will use various tactics mentioned below to commit fraud. Some Adoption Agencies Charge More than Others When you visit adoption agencies, they have a specific fee structure for all kinds of adoption they deal with. They demand the fee by looking into various aspects of adoption. The clients are under no obligation to pay more if the lawyers demand it. Please beware of the adoption agencies that demand more than what they agreed. Not Providing all Information Needed for the Adoption People might think that only the birth parents hide information regarding adoption. But many times, the adoptive family also hides their backgrounds. Adoptive parents also have to ensure that they investigate everything before going further. Pregnant Mothers Promise the Child to Many A pregnant mother is pledged to give the child to the family she is committed to. But she will promise the child to several families to earn money through fraud. When the delivery time comes, she uses excuses to avoid giving the child. Children Used for Trafficking A very disgusting crime that happens under the kids for adoption in Georgia category is child trafficking. It isn’t easy to know the intention of the adoptive family, so it is important to keep checks on the family to know if they are treating the child the right way. Faking the Pregnancy The most common way of earning money through deceitful tactics is that women fake their pregnancies. They give false hopes to the families, collect money, and then disappear when the potential delivery time arrives. The adoption lawyers like Tom Tebeau need to know about the mother’s pregnancy. Read more:- Maryland Personal Injury Law

Adoption Attorney in Atlanta Explaining the Process

It is important for both birth and adoptive parents to be in contact with a licensed adoption attorney; so that they can understand the right process. The following are the steps of an adoption process. Knowing the Kids for Adoption in Georgia The first step is to know about the child for adoption. The personal information of the birth parents will not be provided. Still, the adoptive family will be informed about any serious medical condition from which a family member has suffered. Also, background checks must be made to determine whether either party has any criminal records. Providing the Right Information The birth and adoptive parents must provide the adoption lawyers with the right information because the wrong data can be disastrous for the child. They can go to the wrong family, and the adoptive parents might not know everything about the child.

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Filing a Proper Adoption Petition When everything has been investigated properly, the adoption attorney will fill a petition in court, and the presiding judge will decide after carefully considering every aspect of the case. This process might take months, so the adoptive parents have to be patient. Completion of the Adoption Process When the presiding judge is satisfied that the adoptive family is capable of taking care of the child, the final decision is locked, and immediately the child is handed over to the potential adoptive parents, which will mark the end of the adoption process. People use these tactics to fraud when potential candidates are adopting a child in Georgia. Also, the right adoption process will help eliminate the risks of these frauds. click here more

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