Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative experience but can come with its fair share of discomfort and challenges. One challenge expectant mothers may face is carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a common condition that affects the hand and wrist, causing pain, numbness, and tingling in the fingers and hand. While anyone can develop carpal tunnel syndrome North Austin, pregnant women are particularly susceptible due to the changes their bodies undergo during pregnancy.

You understand how hard pregnancy can be on your body as a pregnant woman. You could have anticipated weariness and morning sickness but not carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve travels through the carpal tunnel to connect your forearm to your hand and can develop carpal tunnel syndrome if it becomes inflamed or compressed. The pain, numbness, and tingling can bring on the resulting discomfort and interference with daily activities.

Pregnancy may raise your risk of acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome in certain situations. Fluid retention brought on by hormonal changes during pregnancy may compress the median nerve. Additionally, putting more strain on your hands and wrists while pregnant might exacerbate carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

The following are some treatment choices that your doctor might suggest for you when you are pregnant:

Wrist splints

Your doctor could suggest wearing wrist splints as a treatment if you have carpal tunnel syndrome while pregnant. To immobilize your wrist and lessen pressure on the median nerve, wrist splints are made, which can help with carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Wrist splints can be worn during the day to give additional support and during sleep when symptoms frequently get worse. You can buy wrist splints at a pharmacy or ask your doctor to recommend them.

Hand and wrist exercises

Your doctor might suggest hand and wrist exercises as a kind of treatment. By strengthening the hand and wrist muscles, you can lessen pressure on the median nerve and reduce carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Physical therapists or medical professionals might suggest particular workouts suitable for you. It is vital to carry out the exercises correctly and avoid any motions that worsen your symptoms.

Cold therapy

To minimize edema and inflammation in the affected wrist as part of cold therapy, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms may be lessened. To relieve pain, apply a gel pack, an ice pack, or ice wrapped in a towel. Apply the cold pack to your wrist many times a day for 10 to 15 minutes each time. Wrap the cold pack in a towel to avoid damaging direct touch with your skin.


Thin needles are inserted into certain body sites during acupuncture, which may assist in activating the nervous system and encourage healing. According to certain research, acupuncture can effectively help persons with carpal tunnel syndrome manage their discomfort and enhance their hand function. However, it is crucial only to get acupuncture from a qualified professional and to let them know what you are expecting. Although acupuncture is considered safe during pregnancy, it may not be advised at certain body locations during particular trimesters.

Before attempting new treatments, especially while pregnant, you should speak with your healthcare physician at Republic Spine and Pain.

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