How Does Cryo Body Sculpting Work as a Body Sculpting Technique?

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Do you desire an improved and defined body shape? You have probably tried practicing a healthy diet and hitting the gym daily but still, you need to eliminate that stubborn fat that keeps you from reaching your body goals. You are the right candidate for body sculpting Santa Monica, a nonsurgical treatment that eliminates stubborn fat deposits. Your doctor can recommend using a freezing technology called cryo body sculpting to freeze and then destroy stubborn fat cells. Since treatment is non-invasive, you can resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Here is a discussion on how treatment with cryo body sculpting works.

What Areas May Benefit From Cryo Body Sculpting?

The treatment has proven effective and safe in addressing fat deposits in your abdomen, thighs, under your chin, upper neck, flanks, and under your buttocks. The procedure aims to eliminate stubborn fat cells in these areas by targeting them and reducing their number, especially if diet and exercise fail to work. However, you should avoid treatment with cryo body sculpting if you are overweight because the treatment is not a weight loss procedure. Additionally, having certain medical conditions that make your body unable to handle colds may cause serious complications.

What Happens During Cryo Body Sculpting?

The technique applies advanced freezing technology to freeze stubborn fat cells and destroy them without surgery. Cold temperatures will affect fat cells and break them down, but the procedure will not damage underlying tissue and surrounding skin. During cryo body sculpting, your doctor will place an applicator to vacuum the skin above the area with stubborn fat. The applicator will cool fat cells and numb the treatment area, and you will likely feel a cooling sensation. Generally, the procedure can take up to an hour, depending on the treatment area. Also, you will require no downtime for recovery as there will be no damage to tissue and skin.

Are There Side Effects and Complications With Cryo Body Sculpting?

Since treatment with a freezing technology is minimally invasive, it will not require incisions, anesthesia, and medications. Therefore, these treatments reduce the risk of side effects and complications. The most common complications may include swelling, bruising, sensitivity, redness, and localized pain. Most side effects will disappear within a few days after the procedure, but numbness and loss of sensation may last up to a month.

How Long Will Results With Cryo Body Sculpting Last?

After the procedure destroys stubborn fat cells, those cells may not return. Therefore, your results from this freezing technology may last six to nine years. However, the damage to these fat cells will not prevent the appearance of new fat cells. Therefore, your doctor will recommend practicing a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and healthy dieting, to prevent fat buildup again.

Achieving a defined body is a lot of work, especially if you have tried eating healthy and practicing regular exercise, but all have proven ineffective. Treatment with Cryo body sculpting uses freezing technology to destroy fat cells after freezing them. Cryo body sculpting can work in your abdomen, under your chin, thighs, upper arms, and buttocks. Usually, treatment is painless and can take up to an hour. You can then wait to notice an improved body shape within twelve weeks after your first treatment.

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